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Terry Bahr, Ph.D., CPC (Clinical Professional Counselor)

Ph.D. CPC (Clinical Professional Counselor)

 My mantra is simple, "Look at the past, work on the present and begin to move toward a new future." The first step to healing and working on trauma is to realize a problem exists, to then reach out and ask for help. I specialize in helping you to become your better self and to attain your fullest potential. I have many specialties and treatment modalities that I am well-versed and trained in however, in this workshop I will provide a detailed lecture on Trauma-Informed Care and the different classifications of trauma.

In my work as a therapist, I practice integrating and weaving the mind, body, and spirit in the work that I do. My specialties include: treating emotional and psychological issues related to trauma, domestic violence, abuse, and addiction. I have worked in the drug and alcohol field for many years and am well-versed and trained in addiction.

Currently, I work for Behavioral HealthCare Options, Inc. as a Recovery and Resiliency Manager. BHO is a subsidiary of United HealthCare, Group. My primary duties include clinical research and developing a Peer Support Specialist Program for the state of Nevada. I provide behavioral health trainings and workshops on topics such as, “Motivational Interviewing”, “Stages of Change”, “Major Depressive Disorder” and “Trauma-Informed Care”. Currently working on a workshop for “Resiliency”.

I have been teaching at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) as an Adjunct Professor since 2009.