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We RISE Yoga 6-hour Online Class Information

WE R.I.S.E. YOGA (Recover, Inspired Self Empowerment) is excited to bring you a strategically designed course program that combines today’s science and cutting edge research on ancient Yoga practices that have been around for thousands of years.  Students will  gain a better understanding of trauma in all its forms and how and why using regulated breathing techniques, specific body movements, and meditation supports change and transformation in human physiology at a biological level leading to better health and well-being, greater resilience to  stress, and preventing the onset of disease/disorders.    


Whether you consider a newcomer or a yoga expert, this course is for you!  Beginners welcome!  No previous experience with Yoga is necessary. 


This Program Includes:

  • Learning a clinically relevant brief history of Yoga

  • Significant research backing yoga and meditation techniques as tools for managing stress and preventing non-communicable lifestyle diseases and mood disorders

  • Learning the definitions of stress and trauma and the neuro-physiological responses in brain/body

  • Anatomy presentation specific to stress/trauma 

  • Learning how to become more trauma-informed in your practices

  • Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences and developmental trauma (ACE)

  • How to bring these tools into a clinical/school setting

  • Practical tools and techniques to use anywhere, anytime

  • Self-care for the professional caregiver/preventing burnout


This course will include both experimental and instructional components.

You will need access to a laptop or desktop with a working webcam and audio and the latest version of ZOOM. 

A yoga mat

A Chair

A Notebook/pen


This course offers 

  • 5 Instructional Hours of Professional Development for ALL Teachers in Nevada.

  • 5 Hours of Continuing Education with Yoga Alliance.

  • 5 CEU’S for Nevada Social Workers.

  • 5 CEU’s for Nevada Occupational Therapists and OTA’s. 

  • 5 CEU’s for all MFT’s and CPC’s in Nevada.

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